People Are Saying the Nicest Things About Us

“Dan Levitan is one of the most respected professionals in the homebuilding industry. There isn’t a marketing program, sales strategy, merchandising program or building design/redesign he hasn’t seen or mastered. He is to marketing and sales what Davinci was to art and invention.” – Tom Vetter, Accelerated Marketing Partners    

“Dan Levitan is revered in the field of new home marketing by clients and peers alike.” –  Mary DeWalt, Mary Dewalt Design Group   

 “I consider Dan Levitan to be a genuine hero in new home marketing and sales. I would recommend that any home builder or residential land developer pass the concept of any planned project by Dan Levitan before making a commitment to it. Better than anyone I know, Dan can say from his experience and analytical ability what will work and what will not. If not, Dan can tell you what needs to be done, while it can still be done, to give your project its best chance of success.”  – Bill Webb, William N. Webb & Company, Inc.

“Dan Levitan is one of the pillars of the new homes sales and marketing industry. His vast experience means he has probably solved any problem you might be encountering in the residential marketing arena.” – Gian Hasbrock, Albemarle Plantation

“Dan Levitan is one of the most knowledgeable people in the field of new home sales and marketing. Our company relies on Dan’s expertise in strategizing new communities and creating and implementing successful tactical sales and marketing programs.”  –  Dorothy Tayloe, Daniel Homes

“Dan has always been on the cutting edge of the New Home Sales and Marketing field. His vast experience on the research side has made him a much sought after source of information and forecasting. Those who rely on his advice feel confident about their future success and long term results.” – Jack Gallagher, GMG Incorporated

“Dan is without question the most knowledgeable, and the most effective Marketing Consultant in North America today. He stands alone in his ability and shear genius to identify, solve, and resolve challenges facing home building companies regardless of market conditions. As one mutual builder client shared with me, “I may not always like what I hear from Dan but one thing is consistent, he is always right.” His vision and perspective on the total marketing performance from land acquisition to close of sales is geared to profitability for his clients. Dan Levitan is simply the best.” – Bonnie Alfriend, Alfriend Sales & Marketing Solutions

“Having known Dan Levitan for more than 25 years I can honestly say that Dan is revered by all who have worked with him as one of the Greats, a Guru, and a Legend all rolled up into one person. Dan’s vast real estate experience and knowledge paired with his unique ability and vision to quickly identify and resolve housing industry challenges is uncanny”Brenda Kunkel, Terrabrook

“Dan Levitan’s vast knowledge and experience in the world of new home sales & marketing and community development is renown. His pragmatic, bottom line approach is tempered by his sincere desire to help his clients succeed and profit in all market climates.” – Angela Amadore, Engauge

“Dan Levitan has been a consultant for our real estate projects for the past twelve years and, more than that, he has been a friend. Dan is the guy who really wants you to succeed, but who will look you in the eye and tell you, not what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. He’s been right every time we have asked him anything. So we’re going to keep asking Dan and listening to Dan. You just might want to do the same.” – Edward Ellis, Ellis Development

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